Cellex-C Betaplex Fresh Complexion Mist 6 Oz

The perfect way to complete your face cleansing routine or to freshen up during the day! Cellex-C BetaPlex Fresh Complexion Mist is a facial mist that hydrates the skin and helps to eliminate the dry layer of dead skin cells on the top layer of skin. As skin ages, it no longer sloughs away dead skin cells as frequently as younger skin. This mist contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which gently strip away the very top layer of skin cells, revealing the smoother, clearer skin underneath. It can also be used to as a quick way to rejuvenate skin during the day. While the formula thoroughly exfoliates the skin, it contains cucumber extract and witch hazel in order to minimize irritation of the skin. This face mist is appropriate for both women and men (it can be used as an after-shave) and works on all skin types. When it is used regularly, it can work wonders on rough, unevenly toned skin. After 5-8 weeks of regular use, skin appears clearer, brighter and younger.