Cellex-C Betaplex New Complexion Cream 2 Oz

Use this lightweight moisturizer to get rid of dull, lackluster skin! Cellex-C BetaPlex New Complexion Cream exfoliates the skin and encourages new cell growth to come to the surface so that your skin looks brighter and smoother. This cream uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids to eliminate the uppermost layer of skin cells � the ones that cause your skin to look dry and tough. Your skin will generate new skin in order to replace the layer that has been sloughed off. New skin is silky-smooth, supple and radiant. While the formula thoroughly exfoliates the skin, it contains chamomile and aloe extracts in order to minimize irritation of the skin. This moisturizer is appropriate for both women and men and works on normal, oily or combination skin types. When it is used 3 times a week, preferably at night, it can work wonders on rough, unevenly toned skin. After 6-8 weeks of regular use, skin appears clearer, more luminous and younger.

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