CHI Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex 2 Oz

Product Details

If you’re tired of having dry, damaged hair due to poor salon products, daily environmental exposure and thermal styling, try CHI Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex in 2 fl oz. This leave-in treatment is made to revitalize tired, damaged tresses by giving them back their radiance and drenching them with moisture that’s been sapped out of them due to daily thermal exposure. Made with natural paraben and alcohol free ingredients and ionic and cationic hydration interlink technology, you’ll be let with gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair without and gunky buildup that can withstand even the hottest heat tools. To use, apply a dime-sized amount to your palms and work through your hair from roots to tips, then leave in and style as usual. CHI makes a line of salon products designed to give your hair a healthy, silky smooth look and feel while sealing in moisture to protect it from harsh environmental exposure. Its products aren’t tested on animals and are suitable for all hair types.

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