Colorescience On The Go Brush Set

Product Details

Simplify your busy life and streamline your color correction makeup collection with the Colorescience On The Go Brush Set. This convenient set includes separate brushes for lining, concealing, shaping, blending and applying blush. From smoky, winged eyeliner looks to contouring and color correcting, the Colorescience On The Go Brush Set lets you perform any application for any time of day and any occasion. Brushes are made from soft, synthetic fibers, which do not irritate sensitive skin or fall or rip off during use, and stored in a convenient zippered pouch. Keep this set in your handbag to freshen up after lunch, before happy hour and when you are running late for work. Colorescience makes it easy for you to look your best on the road by creating this compact brush set that delivers exceptional, professional quality.


Use brushes to apply makeup as desired.

Colorescience On The Go Brush Set has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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