COOLA Environmental Repair Clear Recovery Foam Wash 3.4 Oz

Product Details

Healthy skin care products start with healthy ingredients. Coola Environmental Repair Recovery Foam Wash combines a variety of natural ingredients to create a gentle but effective cleanser for all skin types. Your face deserves the best nature can offer to remove the day’s dirt with an added bonus: damage control. Radish root from kimchi acts as an antimicrobial skin protector to repair irritation. Oily or sensitive skin benefits from the cooling toner of organic lavender flower. Let willow bark sooth inflammation, promote renewal at the cellular level and restore your skin. This foam wash will reduce the appearance of age spots with soap berry that naturally interferes with melanin production. Use it daily to help refresh and rejuvenate your complexion. Soon you will be adding Environmental Repair Recovery Foam Wash to your list of favorite facial skin care products.


Apply a small amount on damp skin, gently massage in circular, upward strokes. Rinse with warm water, then cool.