glominerals Brush - Kabuki

Product Details

If you are looking for the perfect tool to apply color correction makeup, loose foundations or blush, the Glominerals Kabuki Brush is just what you need. The Kabuki Brush allows for flawless application and seamless blending. The tightly spaced, graduated hairs trap just the right amount of powder, allowing for even distribution and professional quality results. No make-up kit is complete without it. This versatile tool will quickly turn into your go-to makeup brush, and it is the perfect complement to the Ultra Brush. The Glominerals Kabuki Brush is recommended for use with Glominerals’ Pressed Base, Loose Base, GloBronze, GloMatte finishing powder and Dust 24K. However, you can use it for almost any powder base, foundation, bronzer or blush. The bristles are soft on your skin and narrowly spaced to provide a rich application and full coverage when desired.


Use in small tight circles with more powder for heavier coverage and large, broad strokes with less powder for more sheer coverage.

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