glominerals gloLoose Base - Natural-Medium 0.5 Oz

Product Details

Create an even complexion and nourish your skin with glominerals color correcting Loose Base Powder. The gloLoose Base line provides medium to full coverage and leaves a soft, dewy finish on your skin. The mineral pigmentations effortlessly conceal redness, blotchiness and other imperfections. This incredible color correction makeup contains green tea extract and antioxidants that work hard to improve your skin’s condition, calm irritation and fight free radicals at the cellular level. gloLoose Base Powder Foundation is convenient for travel and commutes so that you can freshen up on the go. All you need is a light but thorough dusting to keep your best face forward all day long. Apply gloLoose Base Powder to clean skin with a soft foundation powder brush or facial sponge. For enhanced coverage, use on top of glominerals Tinted Primer to ensure a longer-lasting look.


Dust face using the foundation powder brush or apply with finishing sponge to clean, moisturized skin. Begin with a small amount, and layer if needed. Reapply after substantial sun exposure or excessive perspiration. For an extra boost of hydration, follow application with gloMoist hydration mist.

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