glominerals Loose Base- Golden Light 0.5Oz

Product Details

Beautiful and luminescent, the highly-pigmented glominerals Loose Base – Golden Light provides you with the best possible color correction when you’re doing your makeup before any errand or outing. This product provides you with an optimal base for your makeup routine, while the mineral-based, feather-light formula protects your skin from becoming oily or your pores from becoming blocked. Because of these rich minerals, this base also doubles as an excellent skin care product while providing expert color correction. Get the radiant glow you’ve been looking for while keeping your skin youthful and healthy.


Dust face using the foundation powder brush or apply with finishing sponge to clean, moisturized skin. Begin with a small amount, and layer if needed. Reapply after substantial sun exposure or excessive perspiration. For an extra boost of hydration, follow application with a hydration mist.

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