Truefitt & Hill Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

Product Details

Truefitt & Hill Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl is the best skin moisturizing shaving soap that is specially designed to moisturize skin while providing a smooth lather for shaving. This soap comes with a specially designed wooden bowl to perfectly hold the moisturizing soap for easy application when using the product. This moisturizing soap is specially formulated with vitamin E to deliver intense moisture to dry and damaged skin.

Truefitt & Hill is known as the first male barber and perfumer in London for men. Their goal is to provide the finest grooming products for men. With over 209 years of dedicated research Truefitt & Hill is committed to providing the best shaving products and male perfumes to its’ customers. Their expertise in male grooming products delivers products that are sophisticated and practical.


Collect a small amount of soap between fingers and work into lather. Rub into skin before shaving for intense hydration and protection.

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