UNITE Blow & Set Lotion (Sculpting) - 8Oz

Product Details

UNITE Blow and Set Lotion is the best hair moisturizing lotion specially designed for hair. This product is specially made to re-hydrate hair by moisturizing cuticles to provide a deep and powerful hydration. This hair lotion is designed to be applied before blow drying to lock in moisturize and protect hair from heat.

Unite is a professional hair care industry devoted to delivering the best hair care products to its’ customers. Unite provides professional salon level hair care products and tools that help leave customers feeling like they just left a professional and high end salon. This California based research company is devoted to experimenting with products to deliver quality made hair care products to its’ wide variety of customers. Their goal is provide excellent hair care products for every hair type.


Apply lotion to damp hair before blow drying and applying heat.

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