Wunder2 Coverproof Foundation - Light Skin

Product Details

Coverproof foundation corrects imperfections and transforms the appearance of your skin. The nourishing and ultra comfortable formula has three levels to deliver a long-wear performance. Coverproof moves with the skin due to the unique combination of two polymers, making it long wearing and extremely comfortable. The breathable film former added with treated pigment provides coverage for 24 hours. It also uses PolyGlow for a flawless finish and natural glow. Coverproof contains vitamin A, C, and E for maximum skin health and hydration. Through cutting edge technologies, Wunder2 has created comfortable long lasting makeup that looks natural, and is extremely comfortable to wear. With Wunder2, you can find a 2 min solution to looking your best from morning through evening-and even the next day!


Apply a small amount of Wunder2 Coverproof foundation on your hand. Using your fingers or brush, apply a small dot on your cheeks, chin, and forhead. Use your hands or foundation brush to blend all over your face. .

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